No, it's not a joke. I had a patient with two broken ribs after he was hugged by a more exuberant and much stronger friend.
 Rib fractures are quite common in emergencies. Whether you slide down stairs, on the edge of a curb you are hit with or without intention, often after the accident. The most common symptom is of course 
 pain . And it's interesting: this kind of fractures the pain does not have maximum intensity of the beginning hurts but not extraordinarily severe. Instead, at night immediately after the blow, the pain becomes unbearable, being accentuated especially by breathing, coughing or sneezing.
Another symptom is shortness of breath . It's a relative symptom. If it's a simple bill without complications breathing and difficult due to pain. True suffocation occurs in complicated fractures that we will talk about later.
  Bruising  appears after a few days and not always.

 What do you do if you fall and hit your ribs: you get up, shake off the dust and go to the emergency room. Just the fact that the pain is less pronounced at the beginning is good to warn you. In the emergency room you have an x-ray on which the diagnosis is easy to make. A broken rib can be seen on the x-ray, as in the picture next to it. 

 Treatment  is simple. Everyone knows that coastal bills are not plastered. You can't sit in plaster because you have to breathe, can you? Sometimes an elastic belt helps, other times it doesn't. You will receive pain medication and if you are a smoker or have a cold and cough, it would be good to take a cough reliever. In case of extremely strong pain you will need to receive infiltrations. 
 Of course, you wonder how long it will take to heal. The interval is variable, it often depends on the age, if you are young, of course, you will heal faster, maybe a few weeks. After a certain age, healing is more difficult and can take two months. However, your pain will not go away for more than a week. 

A little now about the complications of their bills. There is the term "stinging" of the lung. It is inappropriate to say In fact a fragment of the rib can sting the pleura and then what will occur in medical terms is called  pneumothorax  In short, air will enter the pleura and the air will compress the lungs. Rarely does a hemorrhage also occur there called  hemothorax  which will also compress the lung. This is the case of true suffocation I mentioned above And this case requires hospitalization emergency and evacuation by specific methods of air or blood that compresses the lung.What are these methods? A thick needle is inserted through the skin to the pleura and there is removed air or blood.You will stay a few days hospitalized with that needle stuck in the chest ... The procedure is called thoracentesis or pleural puncture ... 

 An equally serious variant is one in which one or more ribs break in two places. This is what in medical terms is called  costal flap . There's something far too serious to talk about here. It requires, like pneumothorax, the intervention of a specialist.

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  1. Acum🤔sper că nu te-ai supărat 😔… cu frangleza mă refeream strict la mine😉. În școală la țară /sat (pe timpul meu/decrețel) am învățat franceză și rusă. Engleza am prins…. așa din zbor. Referitor la accidentul rutier,… și eu aș fi făcut la fel /cu eșarfa….

  2. Bună chestia cu franglezaa… e articolul despre fracturi costale tradus cu google nu le am …
    Cit despre accident …. probabil era un hemotorax de la început . Oricum eșarfă i-a limitat și mai mult respirația …

  3. Cu ani în urmă, o rudă mai îndepărtată într-un accident rutier a avut fractură de coastă…. Până când a ajuns ambulanța, a tușit încontinuu cu sânge… Înainte de asta/tuse, o persoană care se afla întâmplător acolo, a avut proasta inspirație și a legat-o, cu o eșarfă, foarte strâns și… a murit în ambulanță… Avea 43ani.PS:😉Cred că despre asta /fractură de coastă ai scris în articol, cu „frangleza” 😂 ce le mai am… în rest…. Nem to dom maghiara😅

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